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Hey guys! Today I am stopping by Urban Americana, a vintage furniture store, in Long Beach, CA to visit my good buddy Chris. He is going to help me find vintage masterpieces for a property that I’m working on. Thank

What's happening everyone! We are back at it today. We are meeting up with a great buddy of mine, Thrash! He is multi talented by being a fashion mogul, celebrity barber, and more!  I will be helping him find a

Hello! In an article by Entrepreneur, I am featured alongside 20+ CEO's and entrepreneurs that has changed the world of business. I was granted this great opportunity due to my passion for helping  millennial's change their mindset on how to Live for

Today, I am giving keys to a great couple who is expecting a baby girl! They did exactly what they did what I tell people to do when getting a house. They first bought a duplex and lived in one

Hey Guys! Today we are headed to Encinitas, California to meet up with John Maddux, the CEO and founder of Fundloans. They specialize in JUMBO loans and HUGE real estate deals. I am going to do their podcast called "The Mortgage Min.", First off, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy, BUSY day to check out my video. We are back at it again! I am giving a keynote to a really great friend of mine, Troy Huffman. My buddy Tyler Harris and I are going to talk about strategies for social media and in the digital space, go over real estate investing and why it makes sense, and how all these things can take you (your family, business, Hello! Today on Explore & Live, LB we are at the Port City Tattoo shop. This is best tattoo shop in Long Beach. Watch and hear from the owner, Tom Moser on why he choose Long Beach and how Port City