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IN THE PRESS First off, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy, BUSY day to check out my video. We are back at it again! I am giving a keynote to a really great friend of mine, Troy Huffman. My buddy Tyler Harris and I are going to talk about strategies for social media and in the digital space, go over real estate investing and why it makes sense, and how all these things can take you (your family, business, Hello! Today on Explore & Live, LB we are at the Port City Tattoo shop. This is best tattoo shop in Long Beach. Watch and hear from the owner, Tom Moser on why he choose Long Beach and how Port City We're going to talk about flipping houses! In reality it is not that difficult as the media depicts it to be. Once you understand the fundamentals, it can be as easy as baking a cake. Here in this video, I Hello everyone. It was so great to visit a friend of mine, Nick Long and be a guest on his podcast. We're going to be talking about marketing, all different kinds of business strategies, and why it's really good to On this #Unlocknow episode, I am speaking at Celebrity Fast Track in LA. A gathering of people who are old and new entrepreneurs learning how to scale their business on social media and how to take their stuff to the

Episode 62 is a special one because we took the day out to visit "All Mindset Podcast",hosted by Sina Azari.  Alongside me in the episode is Matt Franchina, an executive financial advisor. Take a watch and let me know if you Hello Everyone! Thank you for all who follows me on my journey through real estate. I hope you all take something away from my videos. In this episode I am exploring a duplex that a family is interested in buying,that has